The Provincial Police Command of the Città Metropolitana di Milano has adopted a new digital service to simplify administrative activities. Through the SPID system (The Public Digital Identity System is the key to simple, fast and secure access to digital services of local and central government) it is possible to use the PagoPa service for the payment of administrative penalties.

Payment link

Browsing the homepage of the citizen portal, simply click on the payments section dedicated to the PagoPa service.

Once the new window opens, it is necessary to enter in the appropriate fields the Notice Code or IUV (position identifier) and the tax code or VAT number of the person to whom the payment is made.

The search will produce the notice detail that you can print or pay directly online.

To proceed, you must enter a valid e-mail address (not PEC addresses) for delivery of the payment receipt.

You continue with the operation and will be redirected to the PagoPa platform. On the PagoPa system, you will be able to choose the payment method with which to make the transaction (e.g., credit card) and, depending on the option indicated, the enabled Payment Service Provider with which you prefer to pay (Bank, Post Office, other).

The PagoPa system has many advantages including cost transparency, freedom of channel choice for the user and security guarantee for payments, regulatory compliance, with a fully automated and digital payment process.

With PagoPa, citizens can also pay the minutes they receive from their smartphones, or by using home banking from PSPs (looking for CBILL or PagoPa logos). In addition, it is possible to use the PagoPa system from bank ATMs (if enabled), at Sisal and Lottomatica outlets, and at Post Offices.